Our Approach

Our Approach

Byofuel has an experienced management team.  With almost 20 years in the bio- renewable energy field, our team brings the know-how to not only make your project profitable, but also the hands-on approach to manage inevitable problems successfully.


Our Story

Our Story

Our Director of Engineering, Duane Morrow, has almost 20 years of pioneering work in the bio-energy field.  He actively assisted in the design, fabrication, startup, and operation of Biofuels from the earliest R&D stages through to its current ready for marketing stage.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Mary Helen Morrow, MD.  She has worked 30 years as a family physician and owner of multiple businesses.  Over the past 5 years, she has actively prepared presentations, proofed project drawings, and has now taken the lead in the marketing of Byofuel.

Meet the Team

The members of our team have very diverse backgrounds, and yet we are united in our belief about the uniqueness of our Byofuel process.  We have walked with the process every step of the way in its development and know how it can transform the renewable fuel landscape.  We are excited to bring Byofuel to the world.

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Duane Morrow

Chief Technical Officer and Director of Engineering

Duane Morrow received his Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa.  He has extensive experience in the renewable energy field as well as currently being the Director of Process Engineering for Veritas Gas Processing where he is responsible for the  design, specification, fabrication, construction and start-up of cryogenic gas processing facilities for clients.

In his spare time he and Mary Helen make wine, beer and brew moonshine and whiskey.


Mary Helen Morrow, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Morrow has practiced family medicine for 30 years and run multiple businesses.  She and husband Duane have raised four children.  She has several hobbies including beekeeping, gardening, sailing and wine making.


Cletus Udoh

International Business Consultant

Mr. Cletus Udoh, also of Kleve Investments, has been a close family friend of the Morrow family for over 15 years.  His interest in Mr. Morrow's Biofuel technology process over the years has deepened his interest in the energy industry with the whole aim of technology transfer to his home state and country.

He also has a strong interest in wine-making.

Next Steps...

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